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This Week’s Trivia Question


This was the trivia question that appeared in this week’s Political Junkie show:

Donald Trump, who often hints at a run for public office but never goes through with it, says he hasn’t ruled out a run for governor of New York next year against Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo.  Who was the last person elected governor of New York without ever having held elective office previously?

Send your answer to The randomly selected winner gets a fabulous (?) vintage Political Junkie button.

Lugar 001Last week’s question was … In the wake of the decision by Mississippi’s Thad Cochran to seek a 7th term next year, who was the LAST senator defeated in a bid for a 7th term?  The answer:  Dick Lugar.  The Indiana Republican, first elected in 1976, was beaten in the 2012 primary by Richard Mourdock.

And the randomly chosen winner to that one was … Jon Moltmann of Milwaukie, Ore.



  1. David C.F. Ray December 21, 2013 at 8:11 am


    Hate to break it to you. Sen. Cochran is IN his 7th term. He’s running for an 8th term.

    His FIRST term lasted 7 days — December 27, 1978 to January 2, 1979 — okay 7½ days, since it ran until 12:00 noon on January 3, 1979.

    Yes, I’m being picky. But still, accurate.


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