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Program Overview

Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie brings a fresh take to political conversation — featuring energetic discussions, rich historical context, and plenty of bad jokes. Host Ken Rudin brings his years of experience on the campaign trail to the fore as he highlights notable moments in political history, and looks ahead to the biggest stories on the national scene.

Political novices and junkies alike will gain new insights from a broad spectrum of journalists, analysts and newsmakers from across the country. Plus, listeners are invited to show off their own political knowledge with Ken’s weekly trivia questions and ScuttleButton puzzles.

Combining Ken’s encyclopedic knowledge of political facts with his trademark humor, Political Junkie is the program that dares to make politics interesting and fun.

Source: An independent production by Political Junkie, LLC
Distributed by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange

You DO NOT need a paid PRX membership in order to carry the Political Junkie program. It is available for an annual carriage fee based on your station’s TSR.

Operational Details

Program Length: 54:00, newscast compatible
Publication: Files are available by 10:00 pm Eastern on Thursdays
Air Window: Friday at 9:00 am – Tuesday at 11:00 pm
Fundraiser: Political Junkie Spring 2017 Fundraiser Show
Stations are also permitted to make segment edits to the weekly program at their discretion for fundraising purposes only.

Each program includes a billboard (0:59), three program segments (combined length of 51:00), and two floating music breaks (0:59 each). A produced weekly :30 promo is also provided, which allows for a local tag.

Political Junkie Program Clock [PDF]
Browse the Political Junkie series on PRX

Carriage Rates

Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie is available to stations as an ongoing subscription series. Carriage fees are based on your station’s TSR (total station revenue) and are billed by PRX on an annual or quarterly basis.

Carrying stations are permitted to air episodes of the Political Junkie program as many times as they wish, including on sub-channels and repeater stations.

Station TSR Annual Carriage Fee Approx. Cost Per Week
Above $5 mil $5,200 $100.00/week
$2.5 – 5 mil $3,400 $65.38/week
$1 – 2.5 mil $2,000 $38.46/week
$600,000 – $1 mil $1,200 $23.08/week
$300,000 – $600,000 $900 $17.31/week
$25,000 – $300,000 $700 $13.46/week
Under $25,000 $500 $9.62/week

Please contact Douglas Bell, Coordinating Producer if you have any questions or concerns about these carriage rates.

How to Subscribe

If your station does not already have a membership with PRX, you can create a “trial” station membership for free, which allows you to subscribe to the show. (A paid PRX membership is not required to subscribe to the Political Junkie program.)

Browse the Political Junkie series page, and click on the blue “SUBSCRIBE TO SERIES” button to get started. Agree to the terms, provide your billing information, provide your carriage information, and select how you want the show files delivered.

PRX can push the show files to your FTP server, or you can pull files down from an FTP server provided by PRX. There are several software options available for getting the files from FTP to your automation system.

For more information, view PRX’s subscription instructions or the FAQ on SubAuto distribution.

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Photos and Logos

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Photo and Bio

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Color Logo without Background:

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Program Promos

Each episode of the show includes a :30 produced content promo with room for a local tag. We have a variety of generic promos available for stations as well.

Scripts: Political Junkie Generic Promo Scripts (.docx)
MP2 versions: Available for download from PRX

KRPJ General Promo (:30)
Download WAV / Download MP3

KRPJ Politics Is Local Promo (:30)
Download WAV / Download MP3

KRPJ Trivia Question Promo (:30)
Download WAV / Download MP3

KRPJ Political History Promo (:30)
Download WAV / Download MP3

KRPJ Short Promo (:10 dry)
Download WAV / Download MP3

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Contact Info

Stations seeking more information about carriage of Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie should contact Douglas Bell, Coordinating Producer at

Requests for local interviews with Ken, personal station appearances, or other general program feedback may be sent to Ken directly at

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